Jake Zhong

Front End Developer - UI / UX Developer

I am a Front End and User Interactive Developer based in Boston, MA. Having a bachelor degree of Science in Multimedia and Web Development and master degree in Digital Media, I am passionate about developing the interactive and entertaining interface and animation. From my job and my life, I usually create websites, web applications and games.

  • Front End Development
  • Interactive Design/Development
  • Web Development
  • User Experience Development
  • Photography
  • Videography

Developer I am a developer with passions for any fancy and cool interactive effect.

Tools I use:

As a front end developer, I mostly use HTML5 and CSS3 to do all the PSD to HTML stuff. I also write JavaScript and JQuery, which is the first front end framework I’ve learned to create a lot of interaction and functionality. I also did a lot of Full stacks especially CMS development with PHP and WordPress, since it is the most popular and strongest one all over the world. I develop themes and work with many popular/useful plugins to help my client create their CMS website and platform and help them improve their SEO to boost their business. As it becomes more and more popular, I also get started with React and React Native in some application projects.

Game Maker I am a big fan of playing game, designing game and developing game.

Tools I use:

I liked playing game since I was a little boy. In my childhood, I had many Game Boy with different styles and features. I liked the game Pokemon and King Of Fighters the best. After I grew up, I became a PC game fan and I spent a lot of time playing Counter Strike from 1.0 to 1.6 and to Condition Zero. I also played online game like Ragnarok Online, MU Online as well as League of Legend. After I learned programming, I came out the idea that I could start to design and create my own game. I got started from using Processing and P5.js and I created couples of web based small but relaxed games. Then I also started to use Unity and I’ve created a few 3D shooting games and an adventure mobile game.

Photographer I am good at using photo to let people see beauty behind the scene.

Tools I use:

I like taking photo in my free time. One of the biggest passion for me to take photo is that I want to keep the memory from all the beauty I see in my life. Another reason is that I also want to catch the great and nice landscape or moment and share this happiness to other people. So my principle of taking photo is that I will try my best to make the objects in the photo look as good as it is or even better than it is from the real world. When people see my photo, they will also find out the beauty of the objects behind the scene.