Data Visualization Showcase

Sep 29, 2020

Why do I want to create a data visualization showcase like this?

The biggest reason is that I started to learn data visualization recently and completed plenty of projects that I would really love to share with people about what I’ve done and hear any feedback and comment on how do they look.

Data Visualization Image


It’s also important to know the story

Another reason is that I also want to share some good examples with my case study. While I was learning data visualization, it was not too hard to find the visual examples, no matter in Tableau or D3.js. So, technically, this source code of my showcase is doing the same thing, but, what differentiates my showcase to other examples is that I also include my case study. It means that I not only tell you how to build a chart like a bar or a line but also tell why do you use a bar chart over a line chart in such a scenario. Because I think it’s an important concept of data visualization that you are not just throwing out your technical skills, but also try to use them to demonstrate a story by the data.

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What did I cover and what are you expecting?

The categories of the case study cover Airport passenger data, San Francisco Fire Department data and Zillow Real Estate data and so on. What’s more important, this site will be updated continuously, so kindly let me know what else you are expecting to see here and I will try to plus them later on.

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Featured Projects

Average Home Price and Count of Home Sales in the Bay Area (2015 – 2020)



D3 Hierarchical Tree of Fire department Call Records in Feb 2020 by Neighborhoods and Call Types.



D3 Hierarchical Pack of Fire department Call Records in Feb 2020 by Neighborhoods and Call Types.